If you have not heard already, a strong core is vital for your training and exercises. If you are not looking at strengthening this part of your body, you are setting yourself up for a serious injury. This skill needs to be developed early on to ensure that you will be safe when bending your trunk off the upright posture.

This sequence of exercises were put together by our Gymnastics Coach Kade, a small fraction of what he actually does. He is just a legend and so graceful on the rings with body awareness and strength.

Go ahead and watch the video above and follow the sequence for 30 seconds each continuously for 4 minutes. And you betcha those 4 minutes every 2 days will get you a stronger core in 2 months. Yup. It will take you 2 months for you to actually build the strength and for you to notice that you are stronger.

Building any fundamental strength takes time and it will not happen with only 1 session. You need to hit the movement again and again until you body builds up the strength to withstand the stresses. When you can say this 4 minutes is a piece of cake, then you can progress on to the next exercise set to build more strength on top of this basic fundamental movement.

This sequence will challenge the beginner to advanced exerciser, as we have seen everyone get worked by this simple sequence. There is no judgement. Try it and you will see. Hold an entire 30 seconds per movement. If you can, shoot us a video and send it to us and we will tell you if you really nailed it!

Here is the list of movements to performa for 30seconds each non stop. Go ahead. Watch the vid above and do.

  • Dish Holds
  • Dish Flutters
  • Dish Scissors
  • Dish Pulses
  • Arch Holds
  • Arch Flutters
  • Arch Scissors
  • Arch Pulses

4 min Core Video Fibre Active
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