The Athletic Stance is a stance that is taught in most sports. This is the “Ready” position before any play is about to be made and it cues the athlete to be ready for movement be it a strong, fast pr powerful position.

Knowing how to be in this position is one thing, but being strong in this position requires a more in depth look into this position.

The position varies slightly depending on the sporting code but generally similar overall in terms of its application and set up.

Feet will be wide and outside shoulders, to increase the base of support, lower the centre of gravity and also improve the balance. This is ensure that the athlete will stay on the feet and be ready for a play, a tackle or an offensive sprint.

Foot position will be wide and closed, weight will be in the forefoot to middle of foot. At anytime when the athlete will be exerting a large amount of force into the feet, positioning will matter if reaction times are not as fast.

As we move up the knee, the strongest position will be knees on top of the foot and slightly on the inside of the foot. A few schools of thought would contend this position but depending on athlete ankle mobility, this can be adjusted over time.

Hip hinge at 90 degrees. This is required to maintain a neutral spine to a flat lower back. Assuming of course we have adequate hip tilt, hamstring mobility, hip mobility and body awareness.

Shoulder blades need to be retracted and neutral so that there is even pull in the lats and the traps which then keeps the upper body/trunk in a more neutral position ready for any sort of directional move forwards or lateral. the shoulders will sit slightly forward of the toes and the deep core muscles need to be engaged to ensure the posture be ready for the assault.

Head position also in a neutral non-stressed alignment with the trunk. Sternocleidomastoids also need to be active to tighten the anterior sling and keep more trunk tension in.

Fibre Active Athletic Position Side

How is your Athletic Stance or Position?

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