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9min EMOM Abs Workout 1

A good Abs Workout you should do and regularly. Abs are tough to strengthen. But with a little bit everyday, you cannot go wrong. This is a follow along clip of 3 exercises in an EMOM format that you can follow along to to build strength in your abs and also more...

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8 Burpee Variations to Keep You Warm

Burpess are a staple part of our training. Anyone who does do them will tell you very quickly how much they hate it. Does it have any merit in training? We certainly think there is. Its a Full Body Workout. They will work your arms, legs and core. As you come down to...

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HIIT Class in West Perth

Redline HIIT is our version of HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training. In this session we challenged everyone to a 6 Round session with a 45 second work set followed by a 15 second rest set. Needless to say it was a sweaty as workout for everyone, all 35 participants...

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How to build a Strong Core

If you have not heard already, a strong core is vital for your training and exercises. If you are not looking at strengthening this part of your body, you are setting yourself up for a serious injury. This skill needs to be developed early on to ensure that you will...

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The Athletic Stance

The Athletic Stance is a stance that is taught in most sports. This is the "Ready" position before any play is about to be made and it cues the athlete to be ready for movement be it a strong, fast pr powerful position. Knowing how to be in this position is one thing,...

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West Perth Fitness

West Perth Fitness is about to be stirred up with Fibre Active. Re-energised, refreshed and re-vibed, Fibre Active is ready for action. Connecting with people is what we are good at and our programs are results based. We love to see progress and improvements in...

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