A good Abs Workout you should do and regularly.

Abs are tough to strengthen. But with a little bit everyday, you cannot go wrong. This is a follow along clip of 3 exercises in an EMOM format that you can follow along to to build strength in your abs and also more importantly your core. Both are independent of each other. You don’t really build ab strength by doing more core work or vice versa. You need specific exercises to target those 2 areas, but you can have the 2 types exercises in a workout. And guess what, we have those in this video.

Ab Curls will engage the abdominal muscles or your “six pack”.  These muscles in the front of your belly are the ones often people dream and want to grow. Yes. You can build some strength in them with these body weight movements. In later videos, I will show you how you can add some size to them using resistance techniques.

Dish holds create whats called isometric tension. This type of muscle activation is interesting as it helps you to activate all of the muscle fibres in your targeted muscle group. A great little addition to the group of exercises.

The last one is the plank reaches and this requires core control or stability. To be able to do this exercise, you have to reach one hand away technically removing one of the legs supporting the shoulders. To maintain stability, the core needs to work harder to make sure the shoulder does not drop.

There you have it. Try this simple 9min EMOM, save it into one of your follow along lists and subscribe to the channel as we will be posting up more videos soon. Drop us a comment and lets stay in touch. Let us know what you would like to watch.